Budget Friendly Options for the Archery Tag

Budget Friendly Options for the Archery Tag

The form of shooting, or better, the posture, and the set of movements in the practice of archery, is not limited only to physical conditioning and visual techniques because they are intimately united are attitudes of the mind and the body, and act, inseparable, with the respiratory process.

Considered to put all athletes with greater experience as the essence of good results, it is undoubtedly the limiting factor between sensitivity and dexterity, which will be acquired through the practice of formal techniques, in a disciplined way, where the body and the limbs do put themselves, only what is assigned to them, without any calculation or greater reasoning. For the archery tag singapore price this is important.


For International Archery Federation, among the most diverse concepts of good positioning, a common maxim emerges one foot anterior, and one posterior to the line of fire, with the opening of the legs proportional to that of the shoulders, the arch support arm will be brought to a natural height of the shoulder, the arm that will perform the pull, will perform it at an angle parallel to the mouth, without raising the elbow too much, equally distributing the force performed by the upper limbs, properly balanced on the whole bottom which remains aligned perpendicularly to a line towards the center of the target.

We attach to this concept the correct alignment, although it is somewhat utopian to evaluate on alignment, due to the different individual styles, within the basic positions, it is necessary to emphasize that the correct alignment contributes to a greater precision and accuracy rates beyond, of course, not to harm the muscular work of the back, but to help the best development of the set. Among the most used positions, we can characterize two, which are more used by elite archers, as well as those that demonstrate better performance.

Classical or Closed Position

It consists of the archer positioning himself laterally in relation to the target the name “classic”, comes from this being the first position to be taught to the archer, aiming at the consolidation of the form, and with the option of, if necessary, a change for the evolution.

Favorable: It is considered very comfortable, and easy.

Unfavorable: In the absence of any more solid contracting, from the back, this position may allow a bone misalignment of the arm with the shoulder of the bow, causing failure at the start, where the archer will move the right or right-handed.

Oblique Position: Open

The open position consists of a variation of the classic position, in which the archer to assume a body position at 45 ° in relation to the target, changes the position of the feet, placing the foot behind the line of fire parallel to it, or with a small opening.

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Easy: Provides in the face of a slight torsion of the chest, greater sensitivity of the muscles of the back, causing inertia at the start eliminates the error of pronouncing the shoulder when pulling; decreases pressure loss in the back muscles.

Unfavorable: Discomfort when opening beyond the ideal point.

The open position is considered an evolution from the classic position and has its use mainly in aiming shots, where it facilitates the alignment condition. Care to be taken to assume the oblique position.