Cherish your life on the traditional lawn

Cherish your life on the traditional lawn

Daintree Residence is the new area located within the living area of Bukit Timah. It is located in the central regions of Singapore. Bukit Timah contains many houses in its region, mainly with the luxurious houses which are highly-priced with all the interior facilities. The name Bukit Timah means tin hill which explains the two hills in the eastern region of the Kranji River. With an amusing history, the high-value land remains to suggest interest as an area that now has some of the most costly, comfortable housing units in Singapore. Noticeable sites such as the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the overabundance of manufacturing buildings and multi-story flats have been built in the area. Daintree Residence also provides the best shopping opportunities for the residents living around there. Once it was a major trading center but now it has become a famous residential area with all the luxurious facilities. Developer concentrated mainly on the clean and safe environment, and also the integrity of the malls, schools, hospitals, and industrial companies around it. This area is famous for having the best schools that provide the major education chances for children and families around the site. They include primary schools, secondary as well as international schools.

Daintree Residence at Bukit Timah

Superiority of design

The developer pointed out that luxury houses will be ideal for residents who enjoy having shopping. The shopping center located here is a fantastic twenty-story building with many exciting shopping choices for the customers. It is located very close to transportation stops, which makes easy access for people to travel. Peoples within Daintree residence do not need searching for the shopping and dining opportunities as these all are available within the residential districts. The welfares and interesting openings afforded to Daintree residents through the government master plan for this area are abundant. The services provided within the area was planned to meet out all the requirements of the residents to have a highly luxurious life. Job opportunities have also been made with nearby employment centers and industrial nodes. Numerous road development projects were carried out to make the best transportation facilities for the residents.

Facilities around Daintree Residence

Based on the inspiring way record of the developer, as well as the possibility of the location itself, the future Daintree residence project has become a residential site many have planned to keep an eye on. Many health care facilities are available a few kilometres away. Other than these, many private doctors are available within the neighbourhood, who helps you in emergencies. There are many locations all over the place to look for. The product booms on diversity, but more essentially, top-class education is provided for the young minds of Singapore’s future. The major educational chances located within close nearness to the Daintree residence, new apartments will provide an exact advantage to families living within the luxury residence. Houses of the Daintree residents will also deliver welfares for the people who find eagerness at the view residing near an overabundance of shopping occasions. The natural reserves and parks are located near your residential area which will help you with your workouts and also you can relax your mind by spending your time there.