Choices for Your Child: The Song and More

Choices for Your Child: The Song and More

Having fun with your family is the goal of the holidays. The activities carried out together as going to the beach, hiking in the mountains or just playing with a ball or having ice cream, no matter what, but together. Family time-sharing enriches the family relationship and fosters the emotional bond between family members. The use of the con heo dat remix song is perfect here.

Having free time to be with children without any conditions is a luxury to take advantage of. Unfortunately, during the rest of the year, it is not frequent.

Other children

Make sure there are other children about the same age as ours to play. It is not necessary to ask for a list of people staying in the hotel, just have a little touch when choosing the place. A hotel for couples is not the most appropriate option, nor a town with few inhabitants lost in the middle of the mountains. On a family beach, for example, you are more likely to meet other children.

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Of course, it depends on the preferences of each and the vacation plan that everyone has. Maybe there are those who prefer to isolate themselves as a family in a remote town, but I think that children will have a much better time with other children, also favoring their capacity to interact with other people.


Safety is a very important aspect to consider when we go on vacation with the family. Whether we go to a hotel, camping or anywhere, it probably has a pool. We must first inform ourselves of the security measures if it is fenced, if it is closed at night, if there is a children’s pool, if it has stairs, everything we need to know to avoid risks. Once there we must keep in mind at all times the precautions when going to the pool with young children.

Also, if you go to the beach do not forget to look for some way to identify the child with a bracelet or pendant where he carries his name and your mobile number in case he could get lost.

Rest for all

In the years when children are young, it is not the time (at least I think so) to make marathon trips, that is, to travel to five cities in ten days.

From our own experience, it is more advisable to make more peaceful trips with longer stays in one place, without having to travel too many kilometers in a few days.

It is not a plan for children to be traveling all day from here to there. We may know many cities but we will all become tired of the feeling of not having relaxed.


It is preferable to know in advance that where we are going we have everything necessary for feeding the baby or the children. Food is a subject that often overwhelms our parents (will I have were to heat the puree? Where to refrigerate the yogurts?). No need to resign a trip, much less organize and be practical.

That is why, with young children, the most advisable hotels are apartments that have a fridge and kitchen to prepare what you need.

No schedules

Do not get overwhelmed with strict schedules or routines. And in saying not to be overwhelmed, we mean not to overwhelm children either. Nothing happens if one day they eat later, do not bathe or go to bed at odd hours.