Dietary guide for weight loss and teeth care routine

Dietary guide for weight loss and teeth care routine

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dietary guide

Teeth gum care 

The people in the modern world have imperfect teeth and teeth gum. In this time the vegetable and fruit are growing with the only chemical. So the food is not suitable for body health. But in the old world, there is good food. The fruits and vegetables are grown without the chemical. They grow in their home only. So they have good and healthy teeth and teeth gum. They make sweets in the right and healthy products. They brush with a stick of neem tree and banyan tree. So the teeth and teeth gum is very healthy.

Pain of teeth

By Teeth in a mechanical cutting down the items like food by cutting them and crushing them in preparing for swallowing and digestion and there are four types of teeth like incisors and canines and premolar and the molar and the incisors teeth had cut the food quickly and the canines teeth had tear the food and the molar and premolar teeth had do the crush the food and the teeth roots are embedded in the maxilla and it was covered by the gums and the teeth are made of the multiple tissues of various density and hardness and the teeth are the most challenging part in the human body and the teeth play the vital role in the speech and the part of the teeth include enamel and the usually the adult mouth have thirty two teeth and the tissue that had helps the teeth to hold the teeth very tightly against the jaws and in the teeth the plump the softer living inside the teeth and the blood vessels and nerves run through the plump of the teeth and the dentin is a layer underlying the enamel and it was a hard tissues that contains microscopic tubes and when the enamel is damaged in cold or heat can enter the teeth through these paths and it will cause the sensitivity or teeth pain and the cementum is a layer that can be helps to connect the tissues which binds the roots of teeth firmly to the gums and jawbones and the cavity are the dangerous bacteria for the teeth and it was removable by brushing and saliva and damage the enamel and deeper structure of teeth and the most of the cavity will attack the molar teeth and the premolar teeth only and the cavity became the teeth as decay and when on one or more teeth become sensitive to hot or cold it may mean dentin is exposed.