“Do It Yourself” Data Recovery – Tips

“Do It Yourself” Data Recovery – Tips

The problems you can run into using DIY recovery or automatic recovery tools do not reside in the programs themselves, but rather in the lack of experience and knowledge needed to know when to use a tool and when not to use it. If your file or disk becomes inaccessible, the first thing to do is determine what the cause that produced the error is and how to proceed to recover the data. It is not at all easy to be able to fully understand how data recovery tools work and what their limitations are. For that flash drive repair service is the best deal now.

Definition of crash

Damage to the hard disk caused by contact between the heads and the disk plates. These could scratch the magnetic surface of the plate. Such a situation could only damage certain sectors of the disk or, in the worst case, the entire or more surface of the plates. The data contained in these sectors may in no way be recovered, even with professional utilities.

Other types of failures are mechanical or electronic. Errors of this type reside in the drive motor, in the head arm and other moving mechanical parts internal or external. Hardware failures are often caused by unwise users who handle the disk without taking precautions. Hard drive crashes represent 36% of the causes of data loss from hard drives.

If your disk accidentally falls, the heads of the disk may come into contact with the surface of the disk. If the contract was only temporary, the worst thing that could happen is the deletion of the disk data; the disc would still be usable. Normally we would continue to use the disc, until the moment when some problem occurred would make you aware of the fact that the disc does not actually work properly. The error found may indicate that it is impossible to read a file. This could also happen many months after the disk crashes. Then there are two possible alternatives:

First possibility

You can opt for a do-it-yourself solution or for an automatic recovery utility. Whenever the utility tries to read the data from the disk to recover, it would cause further crashes. In a few moments, the entire disk could become completely inaccessible. It would, therefore, be impossible for any data recovery utility to complete its task and the disk would become unusable. In fact, by running the utility, the surface of the disk would continue to wear out permanently. It is very risky then tries to run a data recovery utility on a damaged disk without knowing perfectly the type of problem that occurred. You could, therefore, make things worse and lose the data on the disk forever.

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Second chance

In the event that you have to choose programs and methods of recovery of professional data, all your data except those that have been damaged by the crashes that have occurred up to this moment could be recovered. First of all clean the inside of the disk, to avoid further crashes. Then proceed with data recovery by executing a copy completely under our control. If we believe that this is not the best way forward, we will provide for the removal of the damaged plate and its reading outside the support full of debris. However, the possibility remains that the data cannot be recovered, but in this way, the chances of recovery increase considerably.