Do you want to know about the episode?

Do you want to know about the episode?

Hey guys, do you know about the episode? No man! It is not about series episodes or some serial episodes man. It is a mobile game man. I am sensing all your reactions. And also a storytelling video game. Don’t confuse with these guys. Episode: choose your story is a famous mobile video game based on storytelling platforms including interactive stories and live-action. And it had more than ten million downloads in Google play store. It is apt for androids, ios, and even tabs too. Episode: choose your own story game that was created by pocket gems in 2014. If you want to know about the episode game, then you will browse at . Don’t forget to play the episode game. You can choose your story progress or own story path in episode game. This is a specialty in episode game. Yes, you can play in your way at episode game. This game is very popular among teens because of extraordinary cartoons and different content of the game. Yes, these qualities impress teens very much. This game had some semi sexual and sexual content too.

What about pocket gems?

Pocket gems are famous gaming companies around the world and America regions. Pocket gems located in San Francisco and California. But headquarters are at Sanfrancisco. It started in 2009 in San Francisco. They started this company only by over 200 peoples but now they have millions of subscribers. According to stats, there are 325 million downloads occurred around the world in pocket gems game products. One of the pocket gems famous game is the episode: choose your story. Now they are doing some social awareness too. Yes, they joined hands with world health organizations against the pandemic corona. They give disclosed relief funds and send some PPE kids for hospitals.

Ratings and review:

I already told that this game is quite popular among teens because of their visual and content. And they are quite famous for gems and passes. Yes, this game gives the number of gems and entry passes when you played this game. Don’t forget to play an episode when you are a low of gems and entry passes. Apart from teens, parents hate this game so much. Because parents cared about their children. The episode has some semi sexual contents. So, it is strictly restricted for kids. The episode got 2.7 points out of 5 for the parent’s review. It is strictly restricted below age twelve in Google play store. And it is strictly restricted for below age fourteen in I phone stores. The episode got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars in Google play store. Yes, it is a well-rated app.

How to play the episode: choose your own story:

  • First, you download the episode app from the play store and then install it.
  • Open the app and create your id.
  • Choose your story and choose your character.
  • Play your game and get more gems and passes. Enjoy your game.

Don’t forget to play the episode game. And don’t forget to browse at Don’t allow the kids.