Essential features for the Yealink IP Phones

Essential features for the Yealink IP Phones

High-end telephones are sold between $150 and $600, these devices are equipped with color graphic screens that can offer a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels or more and show several lines of characters. They provide access to features such as the weather or the exchange rate and include several programmable buttons. Some phones are of the “Touchscreen” type and several are equipped with the Android system, allowing you to configure your email, calendar and even games. At the Yealink Enterprise HD IP Phone SIP-T27P you can find the best deals.

The Soft Phones software solution

These softphones installed directly on the computer are particularly attractive because of their low cost. It takes about $ 100 for a software license and about $ 30 for a headset with a microphone.

A hybrid IP-PBX central

A hybrid IP-PBX central offers the possibility of taking your copper wire lines if you have a contract with a supplier and passing them over a VoIP system. You can then add lines on the Internet.

A hosting solution

Yealink Enterprise HD IP Phone SIP-T27P

Omni vigil Solution offers a service consisting in outsourcing the functions of the IP-PBX central office to a service provider hosting the company’s telephone system. It is a practical way of not having to deal with the maintenance of the computer server dedicated to voice over IP. The company can save up to 50% on lines and equipment.

VoIP software for business

Skype software, well known for its free Internet telephony offer, also markets VoIP software for businesses.

It works thanks to a protocol that makes it possible to digitize the voice to transform it into files then to transport it via the web to its recipient in the same way as any other data transfer. If at the start of its launch, this solution did not have the approval of professionals, since the increase in speeds things are evolving quickly, especially since it allows significant savings.

Before choosing between traditional telephony and IP telephony, the manager’s blog offers you to study the main advantages of this solution and to take stock of the conditions to be followed for a successful migration.

What Are The Main Advantages Of VoIP?

VoIP offers many advantages; here are those that we think are likely to play an important role in your decision-making.

The low cost

What are the main advantages of VoIP? The use of the Internet allows VoIP to operate at very low costs. Even if it is important to ensure the quality of the network, IP telephony allows its users to make substantial savings compared to the traditional system.

A model for the future

The rapid development of this mode of communication suggests a change in habits within a few years. Indeed, the IP telephony market has become the majority, with its strong growth we can imagine that sooner or later, the costs related to the use and maintenance of traditional automatic branch exchanges will increase. This reinforces the idea that in the event of a decision to be made in this area, betting on the IP is relevant.

Great installation flexibility

One of the major interests of IP telephony is that it connects to the Internet, which allows users to use their phones from anywhere in the world without changing their number. The only constraint is to be connected to the web. An employee can thus be reached by customers or service providers on their direct professional line while traveling abroad or at home.