Finer Details for Your Usage Now

Finer Details for Your Usage Now

A small number of organizations may make a copy of your proof of identities, such as your employer and bank. These are organizations that have a legal interest in it. A bank must be able to prove that they have checked your identity. An employer is obliged to keep the copy for payroll administration. The use of the fake id happens to be the best there.

Identification is different from a copy

Many other organizations, such as hotels, gyms and freelance clients, are not legally obliged to keep a copy of the identity card. They may be required to identify you and to take over a number of details from your proof of identity.

It is then sufficient to show only the proof of identities, such as a driver’s license, identity card or passport. The required information such as your full name and place of residence can then be copied without a copy being made. This happens, for example, if you want to pick up a package. Organizations may also copy the type of identity document and the document number. This happens, for example, when you book a flight.

How do you safely make a copy of your proof of identity?

There are two ways to securely make a copy of your passport. First of all, you can make the copy yourself and then write the date on the copy with a black marker and for whom the copy is intended.

fake id

If you have to hand in a copy of your proof of identity for your employer, but the current date and your employer on it. This ensures that, if it ever falls into the wrong hands, the copy cannot be misused to, for example, open an account in your name.

It is also important that you cross out the citizen service number in the majority of cases. The citizen service number is a special personal data that may only be requested with a legal obligation. Telecom providers and car rental companies may request a copy of your proof of identity, but not your citizen service number.

The second way is also the easiest way: install the ID app. This app has been developed by the government and makes it possible to safely make a digital copy of your proof of identity, which you can then send via your telephone.

Municipalities are not allowed to levy fees for issuing an identity card. That is what the Supreme Court decided. According to the Council, the applicable identification obligation is the only reason for most people to apply for an identity card. The interest of the government in the card is, therefore, greater than the interest of the citizen.

According to settled case-law, a municipality may only levy fees for services which, according to the Supreme Court, predominantly serve the interests of an individual citizen.

This applies, for example, to a driver’s license or passport. Even with those documents, people can meet the identification obligation, but they also serve a so-called individualizable interest: a motor vehicle can be driven with a driver’s license. A passport is a globally recognized travel document.

Travel document

The Supreme Court acknowledges that the identity card can also serve as a travel document, although only within the Union. However, the Council does not objectively determine whether the applicant will also use the card for that purpose. For this reason, it cannot be said that applying for a card is mainly related to an interest tailored to the individual.