Fishing And Hunting is all about Having Fun with Fish and Animals!

Fishing And Hunting is all about Having Fun with Fish and Animals!

Happy Fishing:

Fishing is a kind of activity which people used to catch fish. Some people do this work as a hobby. Catching fish and eating it is an enthusiastic work that many people love to do. Fishing also includes aquatic animals such as crab, mollusks. As I said it comes under all aquatic animals but it is not at all based on some big water animals like Whale, Shark and all. Some people take this as a hobby and some people take this as their main job itself which is not at an easy one. People strive so hard in fishing which is unmatchable.

Hard Equipments:


Trout is one of the instruments which are used for fishing. Many people try to catch fishes with the help of this instrument not only in rivers but also in ponds, lakes, seas. It looks very easy to catch but actually saying it is really one of the toughest jobs to catch fishes or anything when sailing in the boat or anything. There are so many tactics in catching a fish. People should learn that first and then they can start doing it as their main job. They work hard to catch the fishes and they get earning through selling it for a good price itself.

Techniques to catch a fish:

The techniques to catch a fish or anything include netting, angling, trapping, spearfishing and so on. Many fishers use different kinds of methods to catch fish. According to the place they use it. If they catch the fish in a commercial landscape they use a technique which is helpful and adaptable to that place. In some other places like recreational and artisanal places, there are some expertise fishers to catch fishes. People basically catch fishes for pleasure, sport and also to get some food for themselves. The commercial fishers use fishes for profit. Some traditional methods are used in some of the countries.

One should know the behavior, ecology, biology, feeding and characteristics of the fish are very important. Some people catch fishes if they are under habitat purpose, foraging and migration. The effective face of fishing is that it totally depends on the extra knowledge the person has. Some people use some tricks by seeing the moon and the sun influenced patterns because fish feeds according to that directions. Fishing Tackle is one of the equipments which are used mostly by the fishermen. Hooks, Floats, Lures, Wades are some of the famous equipment.

Enjoy Hunting:

Hunting is also called as chasing. People in the early period use hunting for the welfare of themselves. They chase the animals and make use of it to eat or to guard them. It is the process that took place in the olden and ancient times. Later people started hunting mammals alone in order to satisfy their food needs. But in olden times, they hunt to save themselves from dangerous and also to eat. For this purpose, without a weapon or any equipment, it is hard to hunt or chase a vigorous animal. So they use stone and sharp them in order to hit and harm them as there is no specialized equipment to kill or hunt animals. People they themselves sharp the stones and used such things for hunting.