How to control windows 10 software using voice?

How to control windows 10 software using voice?

From the different devices in both android and windows, the steps to handle would also change according to the device models. Likewise, let us discuss the step-by-step procedure to test your mic  in windows 10 software. As the first and important step is that after turning on your laptop move on to the settings option. Once the settings bar is opened on your laptop search for the option for ease of access. It is one of the shortcut names but the actual work behind this settings option is like the narrator, magnifier, and for high contrast purposes. After getting into the ease of access column you can see the options like display, cursor settings, magnifier options, colour filter options increasing contrast, and finally the narrator tool.

test your mic

Bottom of the narrator tool you can see the audio settings by clicking on it search for the change other sound settings option to make changes or else to check your microphone is fixed one or else automatically changing one. in most places, we might have confusion about the word called stereo. Normally if you used to hear any of the audio with the help of headphones or else the Bluetooth speakers it is a kind of mono sound in the stereo environment. And when you look after the speakers their sound would be automatically separated into different boxes, for example, imagine that you are haring music in a 5.1 home theatres. In that case when you play the high-quality songs in your home theatres then the audio of the song would scatter and makes you feel like the sounds are from different directions. This is what the actual stereo speakers meant by.

What is behind the speech recognition bar?

Then after choosing the sound option in the windows 10 settings tool, you could the different sections like playback, recording, sounds, and finally the communication options. By this open the recordings folder and then check whether the microphone option has a green tick option in it. if it is then click on the microphone key on press the configure option displayed in the left corner of the particular tab. After that, the windows would generate a large tab named configure your speech recognition experience. And here is the actual section that we used to search for the mic settings.

In this menu bar, we could notice start speech recognition, setting up the microphone, to have a tutorial for speech or else record your voice into the system to verify you one to more times, and finally, there would be an open speech reference card. When you get into speech recognition you could be able to control your computer as you can for example without using your finger, keyboard, or else the mouse just by giving voice your entire system can be operated. We cannot say that this would be working to do the entire task but we can assign some easy work like opening a chrome tab, or else to open some other application on your computer. This is how windows 10 software downloaders could be able to test their microphone inside their system.