How to know that you have chosen the perfect harry potter gift?

Finding a perfect gift for someone is certainly not an easier job. You have to be very thoughtful and innovative when it comes to surprising someone with your gift. As it is rightly said, that it’s not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Here are a few tips to find a perfect gift for your loved ones :

  1. Peep into the past.

Some moments from our past are so beautiful that we just want to relive them again and again. Therefore, gifting something that brings along a beautiful flashback of some great days can be a very thoughtful gift. The main purpose of a gift is to bring a smile on the receiver’s face. Hence, a gift that reminds them off a special memory can be very sweet. You can give them a photo frame with a picture from their special day like from their graduation day, birthday, etc. Pictures create a very sweet nostalgia that brings a wide smile along with happy tears.

  1. Ask yourself what that person needs, and put together a care package.

Of course, the best gift you can give someone is, giving them something they were seeking for a long time. Now, this requires a little homework. You must try to find what the person needs the most. Try to find clues in their conversations. Strive to know more about their liking and goals. For instance, a cricket lover cannot love anything more than a cricket kit, an aspiring writer cannot love anything more than best selling novels. The other useful advice is do not invest so much in finding one perfect gift, you can also compile a few small gifts and surprise them.

  1. Do some stalking

Well, stalking isn’t a bad thing if it is for a good cause. How amazing it would be if you stalk and find exactly the thing they wanted to have for so long! The best place to begin your stalking mission can be peeping into their shopping wishlists, they will be on cloud nine if you give them something they were having eyes on for some time

Furthermore, having access to their Pinterest account can be a jackpot because that is where you can catch all their interests and find the perfect gift for them. Additionally, Facebook can be the easiest one to access. A lot of times we post about certain amazing products and express our desire to have them. So, you can catch their weakness right from their Facebook posts. Such gifts will undoubtedly make them go crazy.

  1. Give the gift of learning.

Have a friend who has a secret dream that only you know about? In the race of earning money, we often tend to backseat our dreams. But now is the time to save your one such friend. You can actually bring them a few steps closer to their dream. For instance, if you have a friend aspiring to be a guitarist deep inside, then you can get them enrolled in a guitar class. Trust me, this can really take their heart away.

  1. Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Well, this one is such a new thing and it is definitely never going off your list now. For this, you can try exploring subscriptions for certain products or food items. Like gifting a coffee lover, a subscription at their favorite coffee house can be incredibly special.

Every time they will sip their cup of coffee, they will surely remember you with a big smile. Or else you can also buy an annual subscription of their favorite magazine. Every month the magazine would remind them of you.

Do you have friends who are head over heels for Harry Potter? If yes, here is a list of best Harry Potter gifts for all those crazy fans :

  1. Harry potter pajama set – Wow! How cool is that! This can truly be the best Harry Potter gift for adults. The comfortable pajamas designed in yellow-red harry potter patterns can surely impress the Harry Potter lovers.
  2. Harry Potter Tote bag – A handbag is a basic necessity, that stays with you wherever you go. It is a very beneficial gift, but what if the design on the bag is also customized according to the receiver’s choice? Certainly, it could not get any better. Harry Potter tote bags can be the best choice for girls going crazy for Mr. Potter.
  3. Gold Snitch KeyChain – If budget is a constraint, then this can be the best choice to go for. It is one of the most iconic items from the Harry Potter series. The fans may clearly have an emotional corner for this one. It might be a little unusual Harry Potter gift but the buffs will love it.
  4. Wizard Chess set – This one is an interesting and improved version of chess customized specially for Harry Potter fans. It is a fun game to play even at workplaces.
  5. Harry Potter coloring book – Who said coloring is fun only for kids? It can be equally fascinating for adults too. Adding colors of your own choice to the beautiful Harry Potter drawings can lift up your mood anytime any day.