Make a second key: Is that as easy as it sounds

Make a second key: Is that as easy as it sounds

We must also think about asking for a second key. Here too, only the manufacturer can do it. Therefore, do not forget to place an order at the same time as the replacement of the stolen key. Caution: for all these steps, they will ask you to give the original codes. They are written on the small card that was provided with the car at the time of purchase. It is the card that also contains the start-up code of the car radio. When it comes to the Dodge key fob replacement then it is for sure that you will be having the best options now.


Then you will send your bill to your insurer and it will proceed to your refund. Your car insurance can provide a deductible, that is to say a small part of the amount that remains your responsibility. If your insurer does not warn you, consider asking him.

Do not laugh. This little gadget could save you a lot of trouble. The whole concept is in the title: this keychain whistles when you trigger the remote sold with it. The only condition for the maneuver to be effective: do not lose both the keys and the remote control.

The Smartphone solution

Since today, you can do almost anything with your mobile phone, what’s more normal that a key car application has recently emerged. Presented this year at the Auto Show, the concept is simple: a reader, affixed to the vehicle, can trigger the opening of doors remotely by pressing a single key on your Smartphone. Be careful that your battery does not discharge. All the same, it would be nerd.

The electronic key

It’s not because it’s electronic that you cannot lose a key. Certainly, but, all the same, opting for this system has certain advantages. One, the size of this small card allows you to put it in your wallet; two, just approach the car for the door to open, which can prevent some to return their bag in search of their keys.

Put a double: in the bank

According to the saying, a misfortune never happens alone: you have lost both your car keys and those of your home. To avoid getting into trouble, entrust your doubles to car bank, a company specializing in the guarding of keys. Available on a simple phone call, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, they bring you your precious keychain at the place of your choice, for 7 dollars per month. It is less expensive than a locksmith.

Finally, for the record, some seers have specialized in finding objects of all kinds including, of course, car keys. But thanks to our advice, you will probably manage to avoid getting there. You go home and there, disaster. You realize that you lost your keys, were stolen, or remained inside the house. Do not panic, online-assurance explains the procedure to follow.

To open the door

You have only one idea in mind: to finally return home, before starting the necessary administrative steps. If no one in your entourage has duplicated your keys, here’s how to go about it.

Dodge key fob replacement

Slammed door

If you had just slammed the door at home, and that it is not shielded, you can try to open it by yourself using a radio retrieved from a neighbor or friend for example. To do this, slide the document between the door and the frame. Go back to the lock and tap on the door so that the radio fits behind the lock and can be levered.