Perfect Deals come With 3D Visualizations

Perfect Deals come With 3D Visualizations

Thanks to spectacular technical properties, the realistic photo 3d image offers flawless visuals of the object with as few defects as possible. Therefore, when promoting the article on the internet or in the shops, the realistic 3D Visualisierung meets the needs of the most demanding customers: they allow a very close view of the product. Manufacturers can focus on product details and make a difference to their competitors. This way of promoting one’s articles through very detailed views usually has a positive effect on sales.

3D renders plunge customers into any universe

The promotion made around a product must be carried out prior to its launch. It must emphasize the exceptional nature of the offer. And nothing better than the realistic 3D picture to stage objects in all possible universes. From the most classic to the most extravagant, going through all the styles that will be the recipe this year, 3D visualization allows for memorable promotional campaigns.

When a manufacturer wants to stage his furniture in a beautiful apartment, he just needs to express his idea to the visual agency 3D. Only a few references or inspirational photos are needed to turn his idea into powerful 3D visuals. The result: in addition to getting a realistic 3D photo picture sometimes impossible to achieve in reality, the manufacturer gets visuals that can be shared on social networks like Pinterest or Facebook. On the consumer side, the latter can draw inspiration from decoration and especially order the article in question.

Realistic photo 3D image realization does not strike the budget

Although it seems easier to make a simple photograph of an object for a poster campaign, this is not so obvious for a manufacturer that requires a hyper-realistic visual urgency. The problem is that a photoshoot requires a substantial budget in the rental of the studio, the performance of the photographer and the rental of the decor. And in many cases, it takes a lot of time. But in the case of professionals wishing to collaborate with commercial sites, the deadlines for preparing their promotional campaign are very tight. On the contrary, the creation of realistic 3D images is entirely done on a computer. This minimizes costs and delays are known in advance.

3D Visualisierung

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In conclusion, the use of a realistic 3D image is a highly recommended solution for manufacturers wishing to put their products on the market quickly. In addition, 3D visuals are essential to present products that are only at the prototype stage: 3D models can be refined as many times as necessary. In addition, 3D renderings extend the limits of imagination and make it possible to place objects in their best light. Finally, computer-generated images make it easier to control advertising budgets.

What programs are used to do 3D rendering?

In the two-dimensional realization phase we use a CAD program, in the modeling phase we use a 3D modeling software where we model the object, then, thanks to a plugin we decide the framing, and we choose the lights and proceed to the mapping. Thanks to this program we are able to realize a photorealistic rendering, but often a post-production intervention is needed to refine the work, in this case, we browse through our Adobe library and choose Photoshop for the most meticulous works and Lightroom for more minimal interventions.