Perfect Details for the Tokyo Travels

Perfect Details for the Tokyo Travels

Preparing your first trip to Japan is very important because there is nowhere else in Japan where life is ultra-modern and traditional, highly urbanized and filled with nature. The Japanese are respectful, clean and polite while being creative and open-minded. This multi-faceted country makes it truly a unique destination and adventure to live in and respect. The Tokyo reisgids come perfectly there.

We had just returned from a two week trip to Rajasthan. As much to tell you that the contrast is just incredible. The fullness we feel when we set foot in Tokyo for the first time is indescribable. Getting out of the station in the world’s largest capital and hearing only the sound of one’s footsteps is a strange sensation after suffering the chaos.

Tokyo reisgids

Japan is not a fashionable destination for Europeans.

It is a destination of choice because the country is home to modern cities comparable to New York, with eccentric cafes and quirky shops. And in a few days, you’ll find yourself as a kid and find Tokyo as fun as an amusement park.

But Japan is also a lot of green spaces, with wild forests where still live bears, monkeys, snakes and a whole panoply of insects. To get there, the excellent infrastructure of the country will facilitate your travel to explore rural life. Mountains, rivers, countryside, fishing villages and paradise islands will be at your fingertips in just a few hours by train. There are so many treasures to discover with the wonder of being able to enjoy unspoiled nature.

The landscapes of Japan

When we imagine the scenery of Japan, we think of Tokyo skyscrapers, red temples, rice fields. What is it really? The Japanese territory is actually 70% covered by mountains, and it is mostly rural. When one moves away from Tokyo, the green is omnipresent. We did not expect so much from nature, even in big cities like Kyoto.

Japan is not reduced to modern cities, and landscapes are very varied. In two weeks we stayed on the main island of Honshu. On the north coast we saw beaches and fishing villages, in the land the typical villages seduced us. We hitched up the mountain for the Magome hike in Tsumago, but we will go to the Japanese Alps for a next stay.

With time, one can move away and discover other faces of the Japanese territory. Do you know that the archipelago has 6852 islands of which 430 are inhabited? As much to tell you that it will take many stays in Japan to discover everything. The primary forest of Yakushima inspired the Miyasaki reflector and the paradise islands of Okinawa Prefecture extreme south of Japan.

Tokyo the eccentric

Tokyo is an effervescent and offbeat city, where a diverse population rubs shoulders, but whose interests will meet later in the evening, in the gaming rooms, or high-tech shops of the neighborhood that is dedicated to them. It is not uncommon to see a person change their skin, look, to live a parallel life in a different world. Thus were born the Cosplay.

Make the Ascension of Mont Fuji

This 3776-meter high sacred monument is just over a two-hour drive from Tokyo and is well worth a visit. Note that climbing Fuji-san is possible during official periods early July to early September and if you are looking for an experience you will remember for a long time, do not hesitate.