Perfection  in the Process of Asbestos Removal

Perfection in the Process of Asbestos Removal

The peculiarity of asbestos is that it has fibers that are particularly resistant to fire, traction, and acids. In Greek the word asbestos or asbestos means perpetual and inextinguishable, hence the properties of all asbestos artifacts. First of all, comes eternity or asbestos cement. For asbestos removal these are the essentials.

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Eternit as you recognize it

Let’s start with the simplest thing:

Production year of the product is already a first indication. If the shed, chimney or water tank were produced or purchased after 1994, they are not made of asbestos. Trademark of the artifact, we look for the company and try to understand what it did.

When in doubt, only the visual aspect remains. But only an experienced eye of staff of a company disposing of asbestos can know how to recognize Eternit with asbestos or fiber cement. To give an idea, it was also used as spray asbestos. In addition to a visual inspection, samples are taken to perform an examination in the laboratory. Ask for a quote from a company specializing in asbestos and have a free inspection done to find out if you need to remove asbestos.

How to recognize eternity and ecological fiber cement

In this case, one should not get confused. The ecological fiber cement is a new material, absolutely not harmful. Ecological eternity, if we can call it that, always contains natural or synthetic fibers, but obviously not of asbestos. The artifacts are similar and also resistant over the years. But they do not generate any health risk.

Visual analysis is not enough. Certainly, verification by an expert asbestos company can be of great help. But as mentioned above the only way to understand if it is asbestos cement or ecological fiber cement is a laboratory test. Also, for this reason, ask an expert firm to help you understand how to take material for analysis.

As for eternity, we can give some suggestions for the first hypothesis. From the color, the ecological fiber cement is lighter than the eternity with asbestos. The word “ecological” may be marked. Then, as mentioned above, the date of production and the possible brand of the factory to go back to what it produces.

Where was used eternity or asbestos and main uses

Eternit is a material used from 1965 to the mid-80s. Technically it is called asbestos cement. Since 1992, its marketing, installation, and production have been banned in Italy. But in the years mentioned the use was intensive, in our homes we can find the following examples of use. Clearly, the list is not complete, but it is a great starting point. We repeat it, but in doubt, asking for a free estimate for the verification and remediation of asbestos from a specialized company the risk to health is very high.

Facades or roof with Eternit e-roofs          

We are talking about the classic roof, shelter, or roof with corrugated asbestosis. It is the most classic application of asbestos. Even in this case, if there is no damage, the fibers are not dangerous. But any processing on an eternity slab can damage it and make it dangerous, even a simple washing with pressure washers.