Right Choices for the Best Smartphones Now

Right Choices for the Best Smartphones Now

Fifth-generation communications will be available worldwide, experts suggest, not earlier than in three to four years. Experts believe that by this time, smartphones that support 5G will be almost everyone. The galaxy rose smartphone happens to be effective now.

  • Referring to a study by Gartner, after four years there will be more smartphones than support 5G than gadgets that are not able to connect to next-generation networks.
  • According to this study, by 2023, 5G models will account for 51 percent of total smartphone sales, compared to six percent in 2020. In physical terms, this will amount to more than 800 million 5G models.

By July 2019, as you know, only a few leading world companies have released phones that can work in fifth-generation networks. The “superpowers” of these devices are still almost unclaimed, smartphones are very expensive, but at the same time, they are in high enough demand.

Budget models should appear on the market no later than in 2020. At this point, according to the authors of the forecast, seven percent of mobile operators in the world will launch commercial 5G networks. That is, subscribers can not only boast of miracle models but also try out all the opportunities that they provide.

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The New Researches

According to researchers, between 2019 and 2023, global shipments of 5G-enabled phones reached 1.9 billion units with an average annual growth rate of 179.9 percent. The largest market for such devices by the end of this period will be China, which will account for 34 percent of the segment. At the same time, the share of supporting 5G smartphones in the Chinese market will grow from 17.5 percent in 2020 to 62.7 percent in 2023.

  • Taiwan Research Institute for Market Research and Consulting (MIC) has also joined in research related to the popularity of 5G models. According to their forecasts, already in 2020, a little more than a year after the advent of 5G models, their deliveries will grow by 7.9 percent and will exceed 33 million units. Over the next three years, sales of 5G smartphones predict 13-fold growth (mobile subscribers worldwide will buy at least 445 million units). The average annual growth rate in the next four years will be about 12.4 percent.

Last Words

Strategy Analytics experts believe that most 5G-enabled gadgets will fall into the category of tablets or hybrid devices “two-in-one.” The predicted growth in global sales of such devices from 2019 to 2023 is 216 percent. That is, by 2023 at least 45 million computers and tablets capable of working in a new generation of mobile networks will be sold in the world.

Analysts unanimously call the Asia-Pacific region the largest market for 5G devices. According to their forecasts, by 2023 more than 40 percent of the global number of gadgets with 5G support will work there. The second and third places, as expected, predict North America and Western Europe (29 and 21 percent, respectively).

In a word, users need “smart” phones or smartphone devices with a full-fledged operating system. This is an indisputable statement, but when it comes to which smartphone model to give preference to, everything becomes far from simple. We bring to your attention a selection of statistics on the smartphone market in Russia for the period August-September 2013.