Smartest Choices for the Best T Shirt Options

Smartest Choices for the Best T Shirt Options

T-shirts can be printed in a lot of fun ways. We are often asked whether we also print numbers or photos on t-shirts, for example. That is why we have put on the bad shoes and explained all the possibilities. With of course some serious tips for companies, but also some fun Paniho Shirt to laugh at.

When printing shirts we actually distinguish between three categories. These can of course be combined, but we treat them separately, because we often see that one of these options is chosen.

T-shirt with logo (PMS colors)

We start by printing t-shirts with logos (of companies). You can choose a logo on the chest of the shirt or a large logo on the front or back. And even sleeve printing is possible on request. A while ago we had the star from our logo printed on t-shirts. This way you are immediately visible!

T-shirts with text or numbers (PMS colors)

Printing your own text on t-shirts can be very broad from printing a name on the chest or back of the shirt to a playful text on the front of a t-shirt. You often see Crew shirts at festivals and we can also make them for you, as well as name-based t-shirts or corporate event t-shirts. Oh yes: before we forget it. Printing numbers on t-shirts is no problem at all.

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Print photo on shirt (full color)

Do you not need a logo or text and are you looking for a printer who can help you with an image on the shirt? Then we can apply full-color printing. You can have a photo printed on the front or back of a t-shirt. Ideal for a fun marketing promotion or just as a freebie!

Getting a print nicely right on a piece of clothing can prove to be more difficult than you initially thought. And how do you estimate how high or low you place the personalization? If you make 1 shirt for your own son or daughter, you of course do it exactly how you like it and your son or daughter can also just have it fit to see where the print would look best. If you work for customers or if you suddenly have to process a whole hump of shirts, then you probably still want a more uniform and, above all, faster system. Perhaps we can help you on your way with these tips & tricks.

Determine the center of your design

You can measure your t-shirt to infinity in all directions; if you don’t know exactly what the center of your design is, it’s all for nothing. Fortunately, flex foil comes on a rigid transparent backing. So you can simply fold the carrier in half and push a small crease into the carrier at the top and bottom without damaging your design. Of course, fold with the non-sticky side facing each other and make sure that the ends of the design are nicely flush; not the edges of the wearer. After all, the design itself needs to be centered, so you don’t have to look too carefully to cut out your designs because you don’t go any further. When squeezing your transfer, you push that wrinkle out again and you don’t see it at all afterwards.