Smartest Choices in the Flower Sending Process

Smartest Choices in the Flower Sending Process

Nevertheless, never forget that you are in a professional environment and that the thanks must retain restraint. Avoid too bright colors or extravagant volumes. Likewise, find out exactly the constraints of the recipient and his place of work. A visit to is essential now. Delivering flowers to a workplace implies special conditions, particularly as regards the presence of the person concerned, as well as a precise delivery address.

Similarly, some business premises make flowers contraindicated, such as hospitals. Very fragrant flowers such as lily or jasmine can also be discouraged. In these special cases, you can thank your contacts with artificial flowers, artificial plants, a potted plant, or majestic indoor plants. Why not also opt for a gourmet alternative, combining flowers and chocolate, or even sending a greedy bouquet? This original gift will delight the eyes and taste of the recipient.

What word to accompany your flowers?

It is sometimes harder to find the right words than to find the right flowers. The thanks are French art that cannot be improvised. Therefore, it will be essential to find the right tone, exactly as you chose your floral composition. We will not write the same accompanying word depending on whether it is a retirement starting point, changing, or an end of mission. Similarly, depending on whether a man or a woman, the formulas used can vary, too, to avoid unfortunate ambiguity or missteps. Here are some tips to take your finest pen and write thanks that will remember the recipient.

  • First, privilege restraint and prohibit familiarity. The professional environment is, by convention, an environment where human relations are more formal, even felt. Of course, if you do not meet your interlocutor the rest of the time, avoid starting to write.
  • Then customize your word as much as possible! A bland and impersonal word, even accompanied by beautiful flowers, may be perceived by the recipient as a lack of interest or even respect if this colleague or collaborator has spent many years at your side. To refer to a common memory, a beautiful sale or a successful business trip is the guarantee of a smile illuminating his face.

Finally, dare mastered originality. Just because the professional environment is relatively strict does not mean that your word has to be spicy. There is also, in commercial relations, a part of seduction and charisma. To be sure of making an impression without committing a fault of taste, nothing like a beautiful quote, a literary or historical reference. Customers and colleagues alike will greatly appreciate your sustained style efforts.

Your bouquet is composed of gerberas?

Very present in floral compositions, the gerbera is also very sensitive to excess water, which makes it soften and then withers. Some 5 centimeters of water at the bottom of the vase suffices. The water of the vase should be clean and at room temperature so as not to rush the flowers. You can decorate the water with food for cut flowers, however respecting the prescribed doses.

The lilac and the poppy make resistance. Unlike other flowers, the maintenance of a bouquet of lilac goes against the advice given above. Indeed, its stems should not be cut but split and crushed at the end, to facilitate the flow of sap. As for the poppy, it is advisable to burn the ends of its stems with a lighter, so as to coagulate the juice.