Smartest Options for the Custom Home Renovation

Smartest Options for the Custom Home Renovation

How much energy you use depends a lot on your own behavior. A dense facade, a well-insulated roof and windows with double glazing help enormously. With reduced room temperatures and economical hot water consumption, however, more energy can often be saved than with additional insulation measures and even better window panes. Smart user behavior and energy-saving heating and water heating can compensate for deficits. Visit for the best ideas.

The magic formula of modern heating technology means: The heat stays in it, only the air is exchanged. Do you generally recommend controlled ventilation?

The 5 major mistakes in house remodeling

The five biggest adversaries in rebuilding and renovating are not the weather, the craftsmen or the bank, but our attitudes:

  1. Too much feeling: A cozy street, a trendy district not the location should ultimately decide on the purchase, but the building fabric, whether the conversion is affordable and can meet their own wishes.
  2. Diffuse ideas: Anyone who does not know before the conversion whether he wants to live on a polished screed or on oak planks does not (yet) knows his living needs enough. This will certainly create frustration.
  3. Save money: Design, planning and coordination are a professional thing. Anyone who saves the architect puts himself a leg and bathes (permanent) damage alone.
  4. Too much claim: “Fast, good and cheap” does not exist, so “fast and good” is more expensive. Anyone who knows this does not always expect the impossible and does not put pressure on the construction site on a daily basis.
  5. No patience: no conversion without surprises, re-scheduling is one of them. If you do not have a plan B, you will start to skid a lot. Some projects can also be realized later, in a second attempt, in peace.

5 golden rules for builders

Rebuilding is an adventure, and with these rules you are well prepared for a very exciting phase:

  1. Create a photo album: Collect photos of beautiful rooms or houses from magazines and create a photo album with them. Photograph shops, house entrances and facades everything that you like spontaneously. This creates a kaleidoscope of your wishes.
  2. Formulate goals: Distill your photo collection from your style, find your “thread”. Recognize dissonances, fractions. And consider whether, for example, the terracotta tiles are not just a mood from the Spain holiday or whether the cool liquid scum from the Berlin loft store in a flat would not look out of place.
  3. Set budget: Before you look for a property, you have to make a cash fall. How much credit can you really afford, how long do you actually want to pay off? Here, the advice of a financial services provider.
  4. Find Professionals: If you have an object in mind, you cannot make the purchase without checking by an architect who knows house remodeling. Check very concretely, if this old building will ever fulfill your wishes.
  5. Engage professionals: Fees for architects and energy consultants are always worthwhile, because the conversion is on solid ground right from the start. Experienced professionals calm down in controversial situations and know when to leave something out or postpone something better.