The 5 Best Plants To Grow In Your Terrarium

The 5 Best Plants To Grow In Your Terrarium

While Terrarium Workshop Singapore can accommodate a wide variety of plants, it’s best to keep them to their own developing families. Plants with drastically different habitats or aggressive growing habits may not get along because of all the allotted space inside the little glass world.

Plants from dry habitats should be stored synchronically in terrariums; where they will enjoy the fresh air, and also tropical plants from humid habitats should be kept together in more closed terrariums will enjoy the extra moisture.

Please start with the largest plants first, then work your way around them with the smaller ones. This will help you avoid damaging the plants as you move them around and introduce them to their new surroundings.

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Spike Moss

Spike moss is another name for this plant. Golden Club moss does fit best in soggy to moist soil and will even abide by wet states that might hinder other plants. This plant is an outstanding choice for a wetland terrarium or something similar.


This may become one of our favorites. It’s a small, rounded plant with simple leaves. It can be used as a cover plant in the terrarium’s base. This is the best option if you don’t want to use a lot of soil as a base. It’s also relatively low maintenance. It isn’t fussy about how much sunlight it gets and only grows to about an inch in height. When this plant is in a terrarium, however, it prefers humid climates.

African violets

African Violets are the simplest way to add a fun pop of color to your terrarium design. This lovely purple-blossomed plant can be challenging to grow in an open pot, which is why it’s ideal for your terrarium.

Super Micro Size Fern

Ferns are a common plant that can be found both indoors as houseplants and outdoors as garden foliage. Ferns don’t require a lot of sunlight, so they’re ideal for living in a space with limited light, such as a basement. They don’t like light, but they do like water and need more than a succulent. They prefer to stay damp, requiring a little more attention than an air plant or succulent, but nothing too strenuous.

Tillandsia (Air Plants)

We like them because they don’t require any soil. They’re also a fun and exotic way to liven up a room. Just make sure they’re in a place where they’ll get plenty of sunlight because these guys thrive in it! We recommend that you keep them within 3 feet of a light source. Tillandsias should be watered once a week, with a 2-hour soak every 2-3 weeks recommended. If you live in a drier, hotter climate, you’ll need to water or mist your plants more frequently. After soaking, your air plant should be allowed to dry for 1-3 hours.

Terrarium Maintenance

All you have to do is monitor whether your terrarium is becoming too dry or too wet.

Terrariums are attractive because they are simple to make, personal, and adorable. You can create your green world behind glass to escape to at home – there are so many options for customizing your little ecosystem to fit your needs.