The Best for the Jaipur Trip: what Are Your Options

The Best for the Jaipur Trip: what Are Your Options

The capital of Rajasthan is chaotic, but at the same time preserves ancient fortresses, palaces and monuments. Jaipur is also known as “Pink City”, as in 1876 the old city was all painted pink to receive the Prince of Walles. It is part of the “Golden Triangle” for many who come to India for a week on the New Delhi-Agra-Jaipur route (or the other way around) or for those who are starting / finishing a trip through Rajasthan, as was our case. A visit to will offer you the option to visit Jaipur from Delhi.

The city has a multitude of things to do: visiting monuments, palaces, museums, shopping, tasting the delights of Indian cuisine or even doing nothing and just living and being part of everyday Indian life.

Take the lassi from the original Lassiwala

Lassi is a delicious, cold yogurt drink that Indians usually have in the morning. Our driver took us to the original place, where he himself buys and coincidentally is the place Lonely Planet also recommends. The drink comes in an earthenware cup, which stays for you. It was an experience to come down and enter among the Indians, with the raised arm showing the money and asking. Don’t be afraid of the preparation as we took it for two days and nothing happened.

Breakfast at Indian Coffee House

This is an old cafe, also located on Ml Road, within a village. It retains the original décor, with a room with a sign that says “Ladies & Families.” The menu has local and western options. We highly suggest the omelet with cheese and tomato that comes with the toasted bread and the banana beat, delicious.

Get lost in the bazaars and the old city

The ancient city has 7 gates and four important bazaars: Johari, Tripolia, Bapu and Chandpol. We were walking around and asking the salesmen which one we were in. We looked at areas where only kitchen utensils were sold, just clothes or even an original bazaar with only fabrics and accessories for the saiee, it was amazing to see all those women talking to each other to decide which fabric was prettier.

Visit the Hawa Mahal

You can be sure that Jaipur’s best-known monument was located facing a lake or something. Nothing. It’s on a chaotic avenue and there was so much driver, people say it was hard to take a decent picture. The monument was built in 1799 so that women of the royal family could see life outside the monument and processions. There are several small windows that overlook the street in front. To enter the Hawa Mahal, you must enter a street next to the monument, we suggest asking on the street if you do not have a guide.

Royal Gaitor

The quietest place of all houses the cenotaphs (empty tombs) of the old royalty of Jaipur. The monument is divided into three parts, where the last one has the most impressive monuments, which guard the cenotaph of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II. Because the monuments are marble, the place is cool, ideal for sitting in the shade, chatting and admiring the surroundings, which overlook the stairs leading up to the Tiger Fort.