The best of laser tag In the Best Values for You Now

The best of laser tag In the Best Values for You Now

The tactics of the entire defense are based not only on the defeat of the enemy, he will come to life and continue the attack anyway, but on “seeing off” holding the enemy as long as possible. Many people believe that you can’t “see off” or can only be on your own territory, etc. But according to the rules of laser tag , if it is not prohibited, then it is allowed.

If you the defender hit the attacker, you must hold him until you are killed or until he runs away. For each shot, you get a + point to your team and a point to the opposing team. In such cases, the killed attacker usually returns to the base under the cover of his defenders, going behind him you yourself participate in the attack and support the attackers of your team. If you hit the attackers, you can safely leave the base empty and engage in retention. This tactic brings more points than taking the base moreover to win without using this tactic against a team using “seeing off” is simply not realistic. Such tactics unsettle your opponents. A player cannot come to life within 1-2 minutes, is constantly under supervision and stops playing at a normal pace.

Notify about the approach of the enemy such as “base on the left”, this will enable other players of your team to navigate in the direction of fire. You can also cover the speaker and the laser beam visible, this may give you some advantages. When your base is hit, go on the attack, you still have nothing to guard. A massive attack of the entire team will allow you to hit the enemy base and return points.

Middle Line:

This is one player whose function is to “remove the tails” from the players of his team and be on the catch. It is necessary to agree before the game begins where the attackers will go under his cover. In the event that you are being held back, it is necessary to notify of your approach to enable the players of your team to prepare.

If you are a weaker team, lose and cannot take the base change tactics, for example, stop attacking altogether, hold the whole team of attacking opponents and score points on this, for a short time this tactic will work or even change bases, occupy the enemy’s base the effect on the points is not known, but this will surprise the opponent and lead him to temporary confusion.

Non-tag laser tag is a modern militarized exciting team game.

laser tag

This is an easy and affordable way to have fun on weekdays, weekends and holidays with health benefits, unforgettable birthday celebrations, or corporate events. Here, without consequences, you can avenge your husband for inattention and your wife for a tasteless dinner. Show why the folder in the house is the owner or vice versa, to prove to him that you can do something. And where else will they give point-blank shooting to the boss and will not do anything for it?

Today, laser tag is called “laser paintball”, because the course of the game is similar to paintball, but instead of paintballs to defeat the enemy, a laser infrared beam is used completely safe for humans, including the eyes (a similar beam is used in the remote control.