The principle of Trade-in for the Junk Cars

The principle of Trade-in for the Junk Cars

The meaning of the principle is that the car is not dealt with the dealer just for scrap, but for resale. There is only one point of the car that is being rented under this program should not be older than 6 years. This car will be overhauled and sold. For the cash for junk cars this is important now.

How to buy a car according to the recycling program?

You can buy a new car in the same salon where you will hand over the old one. But this is not the only place, you can make a deal in different places. There is also the possibility of obtaining a loan. When it is drawn up, you will need to attach a certificate of car disposal to all other documents.

Instructions “How to purchase a car according to the recycling program”:

  • It is necessary to draw up a contract for the purchase of a car.
  • Collect documents for the disposal of your passport and certificate of de-registration of vehicles from the register in the traffic police.
  • Dispose of the machine and obtain a certificate of this procedure.
  • Transfer the certificate to the salon and pay for dealer services.
  • The certificate discount will be deducted when calculating the final cost of the new vehicle.
  • The process of car processing in This country is carried out by several large companies and dozens of small ones.

Car Utilization Program Terms

cash for junk cars

In order to hand over the car to scrap and get compensation, you need to collect a package of documents. Disposal is carried out in two formats: the Trade-in program when your old car is being repaired and sold and the recycling program for old cars. Not every machine is suitable for participating in the state program. there are certain requirements for them too. A car can be of any make, year of manufacture and country of origin, but it must have full technical compliance.

It happens as follows:

  • The car owner transfers the car to the dealer.
  • Then concludes an agreement with him and draws up a corresponding power of attorney for him.
  • Pays for dealer services: the amount varies depending on the contract, on average in the regions of this country amounting to 10,000 dollars)
  • Then, a certificate of disposal of the old car is issued and you receive documents for subsidies to purchase a new car.
  • The final step is to draw up a contract for the acquisition of a new vehicle.

Required documents

The following documents will come in handy for the disposal procedure:

  • On the right to own a car.
  • Confirming ownership of the car by the owner over the past 6 months.
  • Copies of the vehicle passport with marks on the act of putting the car into salvage and deregistration.

Fleet Renewal

One of the reasons why this country still does not have an acceptable rate of safe disposal and automotive recycling is that there is no national fleet renewal program. With 52 million vehicles, the country still has fairly average fleet and consolidated market ratios when compared per capita. With 207 million, the motorization rate is almost 4 people per vehicle.