The Right Real Estate Options and The Ideal One

The Right Real Estate Options and The Ideal One

Whether it is time to buy or rent we are always lost when choosing the ideal property. Since this task involves many factors and we don’t always find all in one property, so today we brought some tips to help you meet most goals so that your new home has its face). Make a visit to for the best deals in the same.

Property Type

First, it is important to define only one type of property: apartment, house or even land to build. If you do not have a single type defined the search can be much longer than you think! Another factor in deciding whether it will be inside a gated community or not.


After type, you must define the region and following the same criteria, try to focus on only one or at most two regions. Make a priority list: is it better for you a property near work? Near the children’s school? Or do you prefer a more remote and quiet neighborhood? For those who have children, I think much better a property near school than work, because parents may end up changing jobs or work since the child is much more difficult.

If you are going to live in big cities, prefer the properties closest to public transport (subways, trains, buses) because traffic is increasingly difficult to get around by car. Decide if it is better to buy a property even if it is smaller but close to major cities or if you prefer a larger property even if it is in more remote locations.

Also check if the street has many bars, colleges or businesses that generate a lot of noise at night. Be sure to check out the violence rates in the area and also take a good look at the local infrastructure, whether it offers nearby supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.


The size of the property besides influencing the final price must be thought very carefully. People who live alone, couples who work all day or who travel a lot do not need such large spaces. Usually, young people who do not plan to have children so early can quietly turn around in a 40 to 60 m2 apartment.

If you intend to have children in a maximum of 3 years, an extra room is welcome. For those who receive many visitors from afar, it is nice to have a guest room.

Oh and a precious tip: If you are visiting a decorated model, never believe 100% in the size of the furniture and their layout. It is much more reliable to rely on the plant where you have the actual measurements. Usually, even the doors of decorated models are not the standard size, the bed is smaller than the real, among many other tricks. We suggest reading this other post with many tips on the subject here on the blog.


Be sure to check the position of the property in relation to the sun. North facing faces the sun all day and have less chance of humidity, but in very hot cities this can be a big nuisance.