Tip to watch a movie for free Online

Tip to watch a movie for free Online

Here’s how to watch a free streaming movie from Switzerland! Watching movies streaming on the Internet is no longer a problem. This can be paid or free. It is this last possibility which interests you. To watch your favorite movie or series, simply use the 123movies website. Check out these tips to watch a free streaming movie.

How to choose the site to watch a free streaming movie?

Obviously, if you had to choose between viewing sites with and without a subscription, you should opt for the most economical solution. And precisely, 123 movies is completely free. Movie buffs do not have to pay a subscription fee to watch a free streaming movie on the site. Whatever the movie or a series to watch, old or new, and as many times as you want! Also, you will not have the risk of getting bored because there is no advertising throughout the viewing.

How does the site work to watch a movie on the Internet without paying

To watch a free streaming movie, visit 123 movies. It is downloadable on PC, Mac or Android. Once downloaded, it’s time to choose the movie or series you want to watch. Then, you should also choose the subtitles. All you have to do is connect your computer to watch a free streaming movie. Good viewing!


All we prefer the download of all types of files from the torrent, it’s convenient and at least one. But it takes every download to wait for hours to be complete. This is a disadvantage that can affect the effectiveness of the software.

You’ve invited friends you’ve prepared a dinner, you want to add a good movie to your program, and of course you do not have time to wait for it to download, you want to enjoy the safety and stability of Torrent, and you want at the same time to overcome the deficit of the delay that causes the download. What will you say if you can go Streaming, connect your PC to a TV, and watch movies, series, listen to music in real time? Found a good free software that is easy to use and convenient for anyone who wants to watch videos.

What you need to watch streaming torrents:

You must install Rox Media Player for free. Rox is completely free software for Windows created as a simple reader. With this application, you will be able to watch and hear all types of video and audio files from your PC without codecs, stream torrent files or watch IPTV if you have a link from your favorite channel. Let’s focus on the torrents. You must download the program and install it.

Fox m├ędia player

Step 1: Install the drive and start it. The installation does not last more than 1 minute.

Step 2: Search for a torrent file with video content. You can also use the link of the magnet. For research, you can use your favorite torrent site or our Torrentus search engine. The image below shows how to import torrent files into Rox or add a magnet link to start reading online.

Step 3: Once the torrent is imported, it can take 20-60 seconds to start streaming. Here you can now watch the movie without downloading the file to your PC.