Types and tricks to follow the method of Foley

Types and tricks to follow the method of Foley

Foley is a process of producing audio with its music which is adaptable to certain films. This art of Foley can be separated into three main categories namely specifies, moves, feet. This article is about Foley stage . These are the three main categories in which the Foley is divided.


The first category of Foley is moved which is to be discussing now, the moves is operation are used in the Foley is to make a subtitle and according to sounds which is used to hear in the films. For example, when the clothes are swished, when the two persons walking each other, when the sounds used to create a rubbing of two pieces of any materials, at the same time when the crossing of legs (actors or some even more important and high lighting persons) near the microphone to hear the sounds exactly in the microphone. Usually, the cloth cannot be used always, this creation may also be done in the process of dubbing in which it can be controlled in the outcomes of the final stage for the post-production process or audio process. This is the method of the move which is used in the process of Foley.

Foley stage


This is the second method of Foley, in this process includes the other types of sounds like the ringing of doorbells, the closing of doors but it is a very difficult method. However, it is a very difficult method to stock the sound effects which have been arranged by a sound editor. Through this Foley effects used to help the judge viewers in the space size. For example, the slight reverberation is caused in the small-sized rooms, the strong reverberation is caused only in the large halls and as well as the spaces which are present in the outdoor activities have no reverberation. This is the specific method used in the process of Foley.


The third method used in the process of Foley is feet. This type is directly meant for the excitation of sound due to the footsteps. For example, the person who used to walk in the staircase, walking in the marble, etc… this type is used to separate the different types of floors and different types of shoes that have been used for checking the sounds which have been created. These types of floors are also known for Foley pits which also can be varied in the form of gravel to the floors of marble squares and as well as rock pits. The feel in the scene up comes when the actor he or she walks according to the scene which is scrolled and said to enhance the scene to get the merger easily. Mostly the artists referred to as steppers or as well as Foley walkers when they used to work in this process.


The leather of a corn starch gives a crunching sound.

Whoosh sound can be made by the stick which is thin or by using an arrow

Flapping sound can be used by the methods of paring a gloves

Creaking sound can be made by a material of the old chair

Fire effects can be created by using cellophane.

For thunder effects the thin and large metal plates usually when it is used to bend. These are some of the tricks that have mentioned for the process of flying.