Use Inverter batteries and enjoy non-stop electricity

Use Inverter batteries and enjoy non-stop electricity

An inverter is used as a power backup when there is no electricity, and you can find out many models online. The most important product in functioning is the battery used in it. Based on the brands it will change the life, power, and performance of any inverters. If you are looking to buy inverters for your home or office, you can buy luminous inverter chennai which is the best brand. You can see three types of batteries that are used in inverters – lead acid, maintenance free and tubular batteries.

The lead acid batteries are rechargeable, lightweight and economical. These types of batteries generate more current and have a lifetime of 4 years.  The disadvantages of using them are that it would need maintenance, the electrolyte has to be checked frequently; it generates some gases while it is in charge and requires installation in ventilated areas.

The maintenance-free batteries are an advanced version of the lead-acid batteries, and they are called so because they are not sealed and do not require topping of the electrolyte. They are safe than lead acid and lifetime is short. But once they are installed, they do not give work for service. Tubular batteries are more efficient, and so they are preferred by everyone. It is designed in a way that it does not require maintenance and it operates for a long time. The main disadvantage is that the cost of it is high.

Choose the right inverter for your use

It is very important that you select the right type of inverter for the usage and when you choose the wrong one it will make your money waste. The main thing is that you have to get an idea for what purpose you are using it. If you are buying it for simple electronics or for a car, you can go for a cheap inverter. But it is not advisable to run the electronics from the car battery. You can just add some extra power in the inverter for the electronics.

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Ways to solve the issues of a luminous inverter at home

The issues that occur in a luminous inverter can be solved easily at home itself.

  • When the inverter switch fails to switch on, you can press the reset button on the device. If the switch is the problem, then you can change it immediately.
  • Another problem is the continuous beeping alarm sound. This sound occurs when there is too much load given to the inverter. The way to stop the sound is to disconnect the extra devices causing load.
  • Sometimes the LCD shows the wrong codes. This might be due to some external or internal problems. For the internal problems, you can contact some professionals and external issues can be solved by checking the wires and cables.
  • When the battery refuses to charge you can change the battery or clean them to prevent corrosion.
  • The sound that comes from the inverter can be avoided by changing the cooling fan.

You can find many dealers selling luminous inverter Chennai and you can contact them when you want to buy an inverter for home or office. You can get the best price and discounts from them.