What Kind of Leaf Blower You Can Make Use of Now

What Kind of Leaf Blower You Can Make Use of Now

A small German vacuum cleaner for the garden has a very affordable price and has excellent technical characteristics equipped with a powerful 3 kW electric motor. The engine is branded, from Einhell, which means it is reliable and durable, with all the necessary protections. The weight of the device is about 3 kg, which is very comfortable both for the elderly and for work in general. Added to this is the ability to carry on the shoulder or roll it with the help of small wheels. You can also find out more about battery powered leaf blowers at Web Treasure Hunter here.

For efficient operation, the manufacturer supplied the model with two replaceable pipes to perform two functions suction (vacuum cleaner) and blowing, which allows you to sweep debris from dirt or grass in the right place. The strength and speed of the air stream is regulated, depending on the size of the garbage and its quantity. The maximum air flow rate is 83.3 m / s. A huge advantage is the function of crushing garbage, which is implemented using a metal impeller. Shredded branches, leaves or grass become several times smaller in volume, and are tightly placed in a garbage bag. Its volume is 45 liters. Thus, there is no need to often shake out the fabric bag while working in the vacuum cleaner mode.


  • A 3 kW electric drive can work for a long time without heating up
  • A universal garden tool for collecting garbage and cleaning the area with a jet of air
  • There is a system for adjusting the power and speed of the air stream
  • The wide tube guarantees productivity in the vacuum cleaner mode
  • A built-in metal impeller shreds plant debris into fine pulp, saving time and providing organic mulch to fertilize the garden.


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Buyer Feedback

Vitals is a very popular Latvian brand in Ukraine, which always puts the first quality of its goods, therefore it is considered reliable and stable. Its Vitals LP 2572b blower is a professional-class device. There is only one function in it blowing.

It is designed to clean large areas of debris by blowing air. The strength and speed of the air stream are impressive. But the main thing is not these indicators, but the fact that the operation of the device is autonomous. It is not tied to the network, as it is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 1.02 hp. You can work anywhere in the park, garden. The gasoline engine, in contrast to the electric one, can withstand large long-term loads, therefore it is suitable for hard daily work.

Last Words

Based on these assumptions, Latvian blowers are often bought by professionals: utilities and road services. For the home site, it is also suitable if the site is large, and you need to sweep a lot of garbage. The Vitals brand always pays a lot of attention to the configuration of its goods. In this case, it supplies the blower model with different nozzles. You can choose the most suitable, depending on the debris being blown away, and it can be dirt, paper, wet branches and leaves, or fresh dry snow. So you need to be specific on the choices that you make here.