What Makes the CCTV So Important for You

What Makes the CCTV So Important for You

It may sound harmless if in some cases no content is stored, but only the metadata, for example, who telephoned and emailed when, with whom, for how long and which mobile phone was on the way. And yet the metadata is a real treasure trove of gold: They can be stored and evaluated with much less effort and still reveal much more than we suspect. Entire networks of relationships and behaviour patterns can be read out of the data records. With ราคากล้องวงจรปิด the whole process becomes useful.

The fact that this address was written to a journalist, date, time and careful even the subject line is still unencrypted. That’s why you should always think carefully about which way to get in contact with whom and which tracks you could accidentally leave behind. Mobile phone in your trouser pocket provides information about where the owner is at the moment. Whoever develops mindfulness, who knows that the cell phone in the bag is not only practical but also treacherous, can protect itself better, for example, by leaving it at home. Even if you contact journalists as an informant, you should never forget the metadata: even if you encrypt your e-mails via PGP, this only applies to the content.

Hide yourself

Every excursion into the net leaves its mark and makes you visible. However, there are ways to move around the network without being detected and, for example, to disguise the IP address. This is about the anonymization network Tor (The Onion Routing).

Who has nothing to hide does have to hide? Not correct. We all have something to hide our privacy. Otherwise, we could do without curtains, padlocks and envelopes. And there is another reason to hide a little: everyone who joins in helps others who need to communicate safely such as the persecuted and the threatened. And all those who just want to protect their privacy. Not to forget: With every additional protection measure, it is not only the secret service monitoring difficult and expensive but protects itself from much more tangible threats, for example, criminal hackers, stalkers or avid ex-partners.

Dispense and avoid


Technology refusal is certainly not a solution to one of the most important issues of our time. But if you have something secret to say, but do not have a good crypto phone or his interlocutor not, that should just not do it by phone. If you cannot properly encrypt your e-mail, you should not communicate anything highly sensitive in this way. If you do not trust your own devices, programs, providers and above all your own computer skills, you should handle explosive data with caution. Data can also be encrypted on a computer that is not connected to the Internet at all. Strictly Secret is better said in personal conversation. It must be remembered that those who protect themselves insufficiently endanger not only themselves but also their communication partners.

Take responsibility

As well as managing your household or personal hygiene, you should also devote time to computer care, whether it’s for appliances, programs, or your own accounts on the Internet. Regular software updates protect against security vulnerabilities, strong passwords from accessing criminals to their own accounts.