Why a lawyer For Immigration? You will Know

Why a lawyer For Immigration? You will Know

Wondering why you would hire a lawyer for an immigration application? After all, there are legal agencies that are often cheaper than a lawyer. This is true about the immigration lawyer in london also.

Arrange it yourself

You can certainly arrange it yourself. You may already have completed a search with fragmented information in various places on, for example, internet forums where you encounter conflicting messages about the conditions, documents, and procedures. Telephone inquiries also do not always lead to further insights into specific issues. There is also a lot of paperwork involved in the application process. Incorrectly completed forms can sometimes lead to rejection.

Then it is nice that you have found this website because everything is bundled here. You will also receive free tips on this website on how you can tackle this yourself. Lawyers have created forms and checklists that you can download and complete via the computer. Then read the pages of this website carefully.

If you cannot find a solution, you can contact us for no-obligation advice. If on closer inspection, you find it too complicated, we can guide the process for you.

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Professional guidance: lawyer or adviser?

There are legal agencies that supervise immigration applications. These are often cheaper than a lawyer. A lawyer is also a lawyer.

Why a lawyer?

Laws and rules always offer the most guidance in a procedure, such as an immigration or residence application. The advantage of a lawyer is that he knows the laws and rules. An experienced professional has already had to deal with many different situations. As a result, there should be no misunderstanding about the route to be followed, the conditions and the required papers.

The problem is that the knowledge and experience of the professional are not always measurable. Are there success stories? Do I get value for my money? Below a few relevant points:

Anyone can call himself a legal adviser, even if he is not trained for this. The legal profession is a protected profession. It is a criminal offense to impersonate a lawyer. In immigration law, many cases are known of legal advisers who cheated their clients by making false promises and charging a lot of money for this. Professionals are still regularly receiving messages about immigration consultancy firms that do not respond to anything after receiving their money.

All lawyers are registered with the Bar Association. They must adhere to rules of conduct, which are written primarily to protect the interests of the client. To be able to monitor this, all lawyers are subject to disciplinary law. Lawyers who pass the letter can be reprimanded, suspended, and even deleted.

Lawyers are required to keep their knowledge up to date by following training and courses annually. In addition, according to future rules, they may only call themselves ‘specialists’ if they are affiliated with a recognized specialization association that imposes measurable quality requirements on affiliated lawyers. This is to monitor the quality of the service.

How do you make the right choice when looking for a professional to guide an immigration or residency application? Not all factors are, of course, normative, but there may be certain characteristics that contribute to a greater or lesser extent to the credibility of the professional.