Advanced Solutions to Skin Issues

Advanced Solutions to Skin Issues

The new beauty trend of 2019? Cannabis. The plant would have an anti-inflammatory and healing effect and prevent skin aging. That is why a number of beauty brands have now launched products with cannabis extracts. Talking about relaxing care products there are a lot of things that you will have to talk about. The use of CTFO happens to be quite important in this situation.


Why is cannabis so good for your skin now?

The hemp seed oil has long been known for its nourishing character. Cannabidiol or CBD, on the other hand, is a major newcomer to the beauty world. The substance is extracted from the flower of the cannabis plant. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore also prevents skin aging.

Many already use CBD orally because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Not much research has yet been done into the effects of CBD on the skin, but the first results are certainly promising.

Relax, just do it

Rest assured, you will not really get high from these products. Only hemp seed oil and cannabidiol are used. These ingredients do not affect the state of your brain. They do not contain THC. That is the psychoactive substance in cannabis that causes you to get stoned.

The products are relaxing. The journalists from the American Marie Claire tried cannabis products for a month. One by one they were wonderfully relaxing. In many cases, even pain relief. Cannabis products are therefore ideal for, for example, painfully broken lips. There are also cannabis bath salts that can relieve joint and muscle pains.

  • Many brands are already jumping on the hype train. The weed range is therefore expanding rapidly. These brands already offer cannabis beauty.

If your skincare consists of scrubbing your face with the same soap that you use for your body, then it’s time for an upgrade. Of course you shouldn’t have to pamper your skin for hours – nobody has time for that, but a few minutes each morning can make the difference for you.

Invest in a good shaver or knife

It probably costs you more than the plastic disposable blades, but it is worth every penny you spend. No more painful shaving wounds or skipped hairs. In addition, it also helps not to use foaming shaving foam, because the foam ensures that the knife does not move evenly over your skin and you know where that can lead. You can use shaving gel instead of shaving cream.

Try a little aftershave

Aftershave is meant to prevent skin irritation after shaving and believe it or not, there are aftershaves that leave no stinging pain and overwhelming odor.


The cold is again fully present and your skin can suffer a lot, especially if you like a warm shower. That is why you should use moisturizing face cream for your face and a moisturizing lotion for your body. It will save you dry skin.

Don’t forget the SPF

In addition to number three, it is wise to choose a cream and lotion with SPF. The sun is getting brighter and therefore burns faster on your skin. SPF helps prevent this. Using a separate cream every day to cover you is of course far too much work. Sometimes it can be easier too. Try out these four points and notice how your skin changes.